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Give the Best: Wellness Gifts for Everyone

Wellness may not be the first thing that comes to mind when trying to pick out the perfect gift. But a gift that helps the recipient feel happier and healthier is actually a great idea! “It’s the thought that counts” is doubly true with wellness gifts, which show them you care about their well-being. Giving wellness gifts is easier, and more rewarding than you think!

The Gratitude of Giving

Everyone likes to receive a gift. But did you know gift-giving actually has benefits for you, too? Multiple studies have revealed that altruistic behavior can reduce stress, increase happiness, and even extend longevity! When you give someone a gift or spend time helping others, your brain may be releasing endorphins, resulting in that warm, fuzzy feeling. Gratitude is incredibly important to your overall well-being. Expressing gratitude in the form of gifts, volunteering, or donations, can have a positive effect on your mood and mental health, which impacts your overall wellness. Studies have also found that volunteering and giving gifts improved wellness for those suffering from chronic conditions, and even reduces death risk! Plus, researchers say that giving fosters stronger connections and social bonds.

Wellness: The Gift that Gives Twice

The best way to get a gratitude boost from your holiday gift-giving? Give wellness. A wellness gift shows your recipient that you care about them in a meaningful way. For example, giving a massage gift from Soothe lets them enjoy a relaxing at-home experience, perfect for de-stressing in the busy holiday season. (And who doesn’t need that right about now?) Compared to something material, sharing a wellness gift not only makes them feel good in the moment, it encourages better wellness habits, too. Plus, when you give a thoughtful wellness gift, you also get a positivity boost!

Perfect for Procrastinators

Couldn’t decide what to get them? Missed the shipping deadlines? Forgot somebody on your list? The holidays are stressful enough without all that! Wellness gifts are a great way to say “thank you” in a meaningful way, without the extra stress. Massage gift cards let them customize their own experience, so you don’t have to worry about what type of massage they prefer. When you give wellness with Soothe, your recipient can even choose the day, time, and service type to make it a totally personalized gift – without any extra effort on your part.

Don’t forget a gift for the most important person on your list – YOU! The added stress of the holidays makes it easy to forget about your own self-care. While you’re focused on giving to everyone else, it’s important to check in with yourself. A wellness gift for you is just as important! If you don’t have time now, simply get yourself a wellness gift card to use later when it works for your schedule. It’s a total win-win.

How to Give Wellness Gifts with Soothe

At Soothe, our mission is to make wellness more accessible for everyone. And that includes during the holidays! Our e-cards make giving wellness gifts simpler, and faster. Soothe e-cards are a stress-free way to get even the pickiest person a gift they will love (and actually need). Spend less time shopping and more time with the ones you love this season. Giving a Soothe gift card only takes a minute, and it couldn’t be easier:

  1. Choose your recipient’s location, and how many service minutes to send
  2. Personalize your gift with a message and festive design
  3. Send instantly, or schedule for a special occasion – that’s it!