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Which Massage Type Is Right For You?

What Massage Type Is Best?

With so many options, choosing the right massage type can sometimes be difficult. Whether you’re stressed, sore, or run down, choose from one of our several massage types! Not sure which one to choose? Take a look at this helpful guide:


The most common form of massage, Swedish uses a gentle technique, with long strokes, kneading, and deep circular movements to relax and energize you. This is a great option for new-comers or someone just looking to unwind.

Deep Tissue

For those looking for a stronger touch, deep tissue uses slower, more forceful strokes to target deeper muscle layers and connective tissue. This technique is ideal for those that suffer from chronic stress, regular muscle tension, or headaches.


A style that caters to athletes of all kinds, this modality targets muscle-tendon junctions to promote flexibility, reduce muscle fatigue, improve endurance, and prevent injuries. This modality is suited for anyone with an active lifestyle. Integrating sports massage into any fitness routine will do wonders for your body.


This modality helps lessen pregnancy discomfort and works to alleviate backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches, and swelling. Prenatal massage is safe for women in their second or third trimester. This massage is administered while the client lies on their side to prevent any discomfort.


Any of our modalities can be performed as a couples massage. Order two massage therapists to massage you and your partner simultaneously, or enjoy back to back massage with one massage therapist. A couples massage is perfect for a birthday, anniversary, or night in.

No matter which modality you choose, you’ll feel good from the inside out after a Soothe massage. Interested in learning more about these massage types? Click on the hyperlinks throughout this articles for a more comprehensive guide to each massage type.

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