You are currently viewing Soothe Launches New Hospitality Wellness Platform, Enabling Partners To Increase Revenue and Enhance Their Guest Experience

Soothe Launches New Hospitality Wellness Platform, Enabling Partners To Increase Revenue and Enhance Their Guest Experience

Hotels, spas, and premium residential properties can now partner with Soothe to provide on-demand wellness services or increase existing spa staff during high demand

Soothe, the largest on-demand wellness marketplace, has announced the launch of its new business-to-business (B2B) partner platform, designed for the hospitality industry. The platform makes it possible for spa or non-spa hotels, clubs, and premium residential properties to easily provide high quality on-demand spa services such as massages, facials, nails and lash applications.

For 10 years, Soothe has provided on-demand spa services directly to homes across the globe by connecting its community of licensed professional providers with customers seeking wellness services whenever, wherever needed. Soothe is now extending this convenience and flexibility to hotels, spas, clubs, and residential properties, enabling them to fulfill guests’ increasing demand for wellness services.

“Overnight, hotels, spas, clubs, and residential properties can enhance their wellness services offering with no additional overhead or fixed staffing costs — and they can do so in a way that is true to their brand,” said John Ellis, CEO of Soothe. “For boutique hotels, it’s an easy way to offer a premium guest experience and for big hotels it maximizes periods of high demand. It’s a win win.”

“Health and wellness is more important than ever, and we are thrilled to help the hospitality industry meet growing demand for wellness-centric offerings,” added James Murphy, Chief Sales Officer at Soothe. “In 2022, we were proud to fill 92% of requested shifts from our spa partners, ultimately helping non-spa and spa properties alike to unlock new revenue streams and improve the guest experience.”

The Soothe partner platform has been successfully adopted by over 100 properties across the top luxury hotel brands through its inaugural beta program. The platform integrates seamlessly into a partner’s existing website, appearing as a customized, branded concierge booking tool for customers. On the back end, partners have access to a pool of thousands of qualified, vetted, and licensed providers who can provide the desired service on-demand. Should the property already offer wellness services through on-site staff, spa managers can make shifts available through Soothe’s platform, allowing partners to increase availability to better serve their guests and capture potentially lost revenue. These shifts are equally valuable to many wellness providers who want flexible, part-time work in a spa environment.

“We are thrilled to partner with Soothe to bring our guests the very best in massage bespoke services and in-room offerings. The pilot program has exceeded our expectations, and we are excited to offer our guests a unique and personalized experience that they won’t find anywhere else,” said Lucy Martin, General Manager, Mayfair House Hotel and Garden in Miami, Florida. “We look forward to a continued partnership with Soothe to provide unparalleled luxury services to our guests.”

“We have been working with Soothe for almost a year now and have had nothing but positive experiences,” said Benjamin Donat, Director of Spa at the Fairmont Austin. “The Account manager works closely with you, so you get the staff that you need and your expectations are met. Soothe has helped us source wonderful therapists, who are very professional and all integrate seamlessly into our workplace, even though they are technically new.” 

With a growing focus and demand on wellness, more and more consumers are looking for ways to incorporate wellbeing into their daily routines – especially during hotel stays. A recent McKinsey study revealed “50 percent of US consumers now report wellness as a top priority in their day-to-day lives, a significant rise from 42 percent in 2020.” Soothe’s new wellbeing platform offers hotels an accessible, seamless way to tap into this growing marketplace. 

“As one of the worlds fastest growing hospitality brands built for Millennial and Gen Z travelers, Selina (NASDAQ: SLNA) is proud to partner with Soothe to provide our customers easy, seamless and fast technology for finding suitable wellness services,” said Cory Rosenberg, Sr. Regional Commercial Director for Selina Hotels. “Understanding our customers’ needs, we love Soothe for its ability to help connect our guests with reliable and talented therapists in our key urban destinations. The platform is cashless and instantaneous, and allows services to be brought right to the comfort of your own hotel room. It is perfect for digital nomads and our customers who are always on-the-go.” 

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