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In-Home Wellness Trends Continue In 2021

Soothe sees demand double in major markets over Valentine’s Day weekend due to home-centric preferences

LOS ANGELES — February 16, 2021 — Soothe (, the world’s leading on-demand wellness platform offering massage, skincare, and beauty services, reports that demand in major markets doubled since last year during the Valentine’s Day holiday weekend due to consumer preferences for unique stay-at-home experiences.

The National Retail Federation (NRF) reported that 41% of consumers were choosing to stay in this Valentine’s Day and create a unique experience at home. Data from Soothe suggests this happened. For example, Miami grew 100% and even historically-strong areas like Los Angeles grew 80%, with requests in some areas like Orange County growing as much as 130%. Demand in cities like Chicago, Dallas, and Seattle were on pace to double, but then dropped to only a 36% growth rate as horrible winter storms impacted those markets.

Consumers have adapted to making their homes a center for health and wellness, including receiving many of the services historically only available at a spa or salon. This is an expansion of the trend experienced by the Fitness industry in 2020. From January through November of 2020, according to data from Sensor Tower, approximately 2.5 billion health and fitness apps were downloaded worldwide — a 47% jump from the same period in 2019 – and Health and fitness equipment revenue more than doubled, to $2.3 billion, from March to October, according to NPD retail data.

“There is an increased focus on health and wellness since the pandemic started, yet people are social and desire personal connections beyond just streaming services,” says John Ellis, Soothe’s CEO. “Soothe enables people to still get the services they desire from top professionals while making wellness part of their everyday life at home.”

Rebecca Taylor, a Soothe customer in Miami states, “The experience was fantastic! I booked a Couple’s Massage for me and my mom and she loved it…I’m not comfortable going places and I’d rather have the services come to me. I do the same for my nails and a few other services.”

Diane Sanford in San Antonio says, “The experience was outstanding. Soothe is safer and there’s no need to fight traffic to get to a spa. The convenience of having a professional come to you is awesome. I look forward to my next session with the same therapist next week.”

Soothe offers individual services and a membership plan for those who want to save money and make wellness a regular part of their monthly routine. The Soothe app is available for iOS users on the App Store and Android users on the Google Play store.