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Daily Wellness Hacks: Quick Tips with Lasting Impact

While there are no shortcuts to better health, there are a few wellness hacks that can help you stay on track. In the long run, sticking to a (mostly) healthy diet, getting regular exercise, and taking care of your mental health are the most beneficial. But busy schedules, stressful days, and sleepless nights happen to everyone. When you’re short on time, these daily habits can help you stay focused on what matters: your personal well being.

Daily Diet Hacks

Eating well and eating right are key to longevity. Sticking to a healthy diet, however, is tricky. With a constant newsfeed of what’s “good for you” and what’s not, and recipes with complicated and hard-to-find ingredients, no wonder people give up and just order takeout! When eating well gets overwhelming, just turn to these easy daily diet hacks to help keep you on track.

  • Eat one green food per day. If you can fit more, that’s great! But make it a habit to include some green foods every day for better wellness. Opt for foods that pack a powerful nutrient punch like kale, spinach, asparagus, green beans
  • Drink enough water. You may think you’re drinking plenty of water, but chances are you could stand to have a few more glasses per day. This easy wellness hack keeps you satisfied between meals, improves your skin, aids digestion, and more. Want an extra boost? Add lemon to your water in the mornings!
  • Replace salt with herbs. Salty foods may taste good, but too much salt can wreak havoc over time. By replacing salt in recipes with herbs, you add flavor to your food without increasing your sodium intake. Experiment with different herbs and spices in your cooking to find the flavors you like best. 

Daily Fitness Hacks

We all know that we’re supposed to exercise regularly for optimal health. But sometimes, getting yourself to the gym or class just isn’t going to happen. With these daily fitness hacks, you’re still making an effort toward physical wellness — no sweat session required.

  • Get outside. Being outside is great for your mind and your body! Boost your Vitamin D when the sun is shining, breathe some fresh air, and maybe even get some extra movement. Aim for at least 15-30 minutes every day outside to get the most of this wellness hack.
  • Stretch daily. Even if you’re not an Olympic athlete, stretching is important! Simple stretches can go a long way when it comes to your wellness, too. Our bodies lose flexibility as we age, and it gets worse when we spend most of our day sitting. Stretching is also great for improving your range of motion and warming up the muscles for more intense activities. Make it a point to stretch at least once every day to hack your fitness! 
  • Less sitting, more moving. You knew this one was coming. Just moving your body more will improve your physical fitness. Aim to get that holy grail of 10,000 steps a day. Using a step counter or physical fitness tracker can help you achieve this goal. Take those steps outside for double the benefits!
  • Indulge in 10 minutes of self-massage. Regular massage has amazing benefits, but not everyone has time for a full 60-minute session on the daily. To hack your physical wellness, try some at-home self-massage techniques, or use a Theragun for powerful handheld percussive therapy to soothe sore muscles, flush toxins from your body, and help you relax.

Daily Mental Wellness Hacks

The mind-body connection is a powerful tool in achieving overall wellness. Mental wellness is often overlooked and takes time to cultivate. But you can practice these quick mental health hacks every day to help give yourself a leg-up in your wellness journey. 

  • Positive self-talk. Focusing on positive thoughts is a powerful tool in building self-confidence and love for yourself. Start each day looking in the mirror and saying a few self-affirmations: positive phrases and praise for yourself. “I am strong,” “I am confident,” “I have it within myself to achieve my dreams,” are a few examples. Customize your self-affirmations to fit your unique needs for each new day. 
  • Unplug and unwind. Give your eyes and your brain a break from technology. This mental wellness hack is great to practice before bed for better sleep (which we know is essential for wellness). Make it a point to do a mini digital detox starting at least 30 minutes before getting into bed. Put the phone away, turn off the TV, stop answering work emails. This allows your mind to settle and focus more on the task at hand: going to sleep. If getting more sleep is part of your wellness journey, check out our other sleep hacks.
  • Plan your day. Much of our anxiety and worry comes from the unknown, or factors out of our control. Starting your day with a simple plan can help ease these negative feelings. List out the tasks you want to accomplish, focusing on the most important items first — but be realistic! You want your daily plan to be achievable so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. Having a plan of attack for your day is an easy way to hack your mental wellness, giving you a leg up to feel more motivated and accomplished.
  • Practice gratitude. This mental wellness hack is easier than it sounds! Daily gratitude practices can help foster positivity and optimism, and help curb anxiety, worry, and depression. It can be as simple as listing things you are thankful for, or you can go deeper with a gratitude journal, or extending your practice out into the world. Not sure where to start? Check out our daily gratitude habits.

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