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Workplace Wellness for In-Office and Remote Employees

Whether you’re back at the office, temporarily working from home, or have gone completely remote, National Wellness Month is the perfect time to reevaluate your workplace wellness benefits. COVID-19 has changed the way we work and live, but that doesn’t mean wellness takes a backseat. There are still many ways to engage with your employees and provide unique benefits that keep them healthy and happy. 

Wellness at the Office

Even if your employees are back on-site, your previous wellness benefits may need some tweaks. With the current state of social distancing, many workplace wellness initiatives are no longer available. Here are a few unique wellness offerings for your on-site employees.

  • Reevaluate your fitness benefits. Even if your office has a gym facility, it may not be open for use right now. Instead, look for alternative fitness opportunities for your employees. Schedule group outings to local outdoor classes after work. If you have too many employees to accommodate, you can offer a fitness stipend for employees to take a class or join a gym. Check with local fitness studios for special group discounts and offers. 
  • Schedule in-office massages. A quick 15-minute massage in the middle of the workday can make a huge difference. Providing at-work chair massages is a great way to boost productivity and morale at your office. Soothe at Work has different workplace wellness packages to fit your company’s needs. Plus, with our Soothe Safe™ policy, you can be sure your employees are safe and protected.
  • Host a (healthy) catered lunch. Whether you do it once a week or make it a monthly thing, giving employees access to healthy food is a great wellness benefit. People are more likely to eat healthy food when it’s less work to seek it out. Tap into your local food truck network, cater from a vegan restaurant, or let your employees vote to choose what they want for the next meeting. 
  • Try flexible work schedules. Give employees more flexibility with their hours, rather than pushing strict timeframes for being at work. Allowing them to make doctor appointments, or accommodate a child’s schedule (especially during school closures) will empower them to prioritize their wellness.

Workplace Wellness for Remote Employees

Wellness programs are typically designed for employees who are physically present at the office. However, it’s important not to forget to offer wellness benefits for your remote workers, too. With many companies still working from home or turning to a fully remote workforce, rethinking your wellness offerings can make your company more attractive for top talent. 

  • Use technology. Just because you’re not all in the same place doesn’t mean your benefits should only cater to one location! Health and fitness apps can host group challenges that remote workers can participate in from anywhere. Plus, an app can centralize your workplace wellness initiatives for easier management.
  • Host a virtual wellness happy hour. Skip the drinks and do a healthy group activity instead. Soothe at Work offers virtual meditation sessions that all your employees can participate in. You can also do online aromatherapy workshops, cooking classes, or try a zoom workout class together.
  • Encourage communication. Feeling isolated is often linked to increased stress, anxiety and depression. Social interaction is essential for remote workers to combat feeling isolated from everyone else. Digital messaging apps like Slack and Skype can bridge the physical distance between remote employees. Plus, communication tools can help make remote work more efficient, too.
  • Give the gift of wellness. Let your remote employees schedule some R&R with an at-home massage. Soothe gift cards are a great way for remote employees to reap the benefits of massage, without having to be local or find a spa! They’re available in single or corporate multi-packs, and they never expire.

More Workplace Wellness Ideas

No matter where your employees are, wellness programs are a great way to keep them happy and performing at their best. While the above ideas are a good start, there are even more ways to help your employees succeed through wellness benefits! 

  • Volunteer as a group. Organize ways for your employees to get involved with their communities together. This fosters a sense of camaraderie among your employees and does good out in the world. If you have a mix of in-office and remote staff, choose activities that can be done in any city, so everyone can participate. 
  • Provide mental health support. Therapy is a vital service for many people, especially when work becomes overwhelming. With the added stress COVID-19 puts on many families, having an outlet is more crucial than ever. By offering therapy services through your wellness package, employees are more apt to use them when they need it. 
  • Encourage taking time off. Everyone needs a break every now and again! In fact, taking a vacation can actually make you more productive when you come back. Even though far-flung trips aren’t possible right now, taking time away from work is an important part of self-care. Make sure your employees are able to get the time off they need. 
  • Provide resources and information. Sometimes the reason employees don’t prioritize their health is because they don’t know where to start. By taking out the initial legwork, you make it easier for your staff to get what they need. Monthly health newsletters, email communications, and even webinars are a great way to provide information and resources to help them along their wellness journeys.

If you want to include in-office massage and virtual wellness sessions in your benefits offerings, talk to a Soothe at Work team member. We can design a custom workplace wellness package to accommodate all your employees, even if they’re working remotely.